Sunday, 8 April 2012

MOTIVATION! The Key to Success! and Easter and lent Update!

WOW! Easter Sunday already! Time really does fly by nowadays! I hope you all have a good day and are able to treat yourself to all those things that you gave up during lent! Below are some things I got up to this easter weekend! :D

Easter tree!
Shredded wheat and chocolate nest cakes!

I decided to give up biscuits and I am very proud to say that I stuck to it completely! This is the first year which I have actually gone all 47 days (yes I know lent is 40 days but if you count it on a calendar it actually is 47! How cheeky that it doesn't count Sundays!!) haha! I found the first week really hard and I was craving buscuits sooo much! Even though I can easily go days without them and not think about it once you are not allowed it, it becomes all you want! 

As mentioned a million times I am heading off on my trip today with the charity HCPT and so I have got a couple of packets of oreos and some finger biscuits to enjoy and share while I am there. These are my 2 favourite biscuits and although tbh I probably wouldn't have had these during the 47 days as they are more 'luxury' biscuits I am very excited to taste buscuits once again!

Has anyone else stuck to their lent challenge? If so well done to you and I hope this proves that you can do anything you set your mind to! I know I've learnt this, even just setting small, achievable goals you can really boost your confidence and self belief!

This same idea can be applied to your fitness, business or even social goals, anything in fact! The key to success is self belief! 

Tarah! Cheerio! LOVE LIBS! See you in a week! 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

£400 from second hand clothes!

So as I have mentioned before, I am going with the charity HCPT (handicapped children's pilgrimage trust) to Lourdes, France, next week and as I mentioned in my Just an UPDATE post we have only just reached our target amount of £9500 between the group of us (19 people)! Anyways I managed to raise my share of the money, by doing events like holding coffee mornings, babysitting and house sitting etc and also by running a clothes sale!

We managed to persuade most of the people in my year to donate clothes and items like scarves and jewellery pieces and then organised the event at school to be held over a week at lunch time breaks. It took lots of organising and preparation but we managed to raise around £400 !! And we actually have a lot of stock left over and much of this we will be taking to India to give to the children at our sister school so even more people can benefit from the donations! The event was much like a charity shop at school. A little like the photo below but a little neater and in a smaller classroom! But you get the idea!

If anyone is looking for fund raising ideas this is defiantly a good idea and with the right pricing can raise a lot of money! My tips would be to keep pestering people until the stock is brought in, I managed t annoy many friends by my constant texts and emails reminding people to look through their wardrobes and bring in items to sell but I'm sure they will tell you it was worth it in the end as it got the job done! Also ensure everything is in good condition and try and get some higher end brands like Hollister, Jack wills and Topshop because these are the items that will attract the students and the names are great to put on the posters! Another tip is be prepared to lower your prices! I would defiantly recommend starting at a low to reasonable price to draw in the crowd and you don't want stock left over if you don't have anywhere to keep it!

Anyone else fund raising for anything? Let me know! And remember what is one persons junk is an others treasure! LOVE LIBBY X 

Not my images - credit to google images to represent my similar event!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Can I persude YOU to donate blood with economic or moral incentives?

Many millions of people spend time, effort and money into helping others and taking part in voluntary activities, myself and I can imagine may of you included. We help by donating what we can, usually time and money but why not try something new and give other life changing things...such as blood!

The supply for blood simply does not cover the demand and since there is no alternative for real human blood that is so vital in saving many lives it is up to you to help and get involved to help give others a second chance! It is so wonderful the way humans can help each other out and it is wonderful how today's technology can help us to save others and we don't have to all be doctors to do this!

Only 5 - 10% of eligible individuals do donate blood (in the western world) (and this number is only 3% in the US) and I would really love to see this number increase so lives aren't left hanging on a thread waiting for a blood donation that can be easily given by another healthy human.

If YOU needed blood you would expect  some to be there ready and waiting to save you. So do most people, but for some they will be forever waiting for a donor like you. Blood can save lives. When I'm old enough to donate I know I will because if I ever need it, I want blood to be available to help. Give blood now. Save lives now. 

As I am currently only 16, in the UK where I live, I am not yet eligible to give blood for another few months but I can assure you as soon as I can.. I will. I don't see a valid reason not to! But until I turn 17 I am here to persuade those of you who are eligible to give blood and to briefly discuss whether economic incentives can encourage people to donate.

So why do we do any deed? Well the simple answer is to get something in return. ie. there is no such thing as a selfless deed (in my opinion). So when we give blood not only do the patients receive a second chance at life but YOU also benefit! usually just the fact that ou are interally happy that you can help others. Economics would suggest that as reward increases, so does supply, but also on the other hand psychology suggests that economic incentives can destroy the sense of 'gift' which actually reduces the quantity of blood donations.

In Italy, donors are all entitled to have a paid day off work on the day of donation. The data shows that employees ( those eligible for benefit) make an average of one extra donation per year. This results in a 40% increase of supply! I personally feel this incentive gives people a benefit to donate without it feeling like they are only giving blood in order to gain themselves as really they aren't gaining anything in terms of pay (they just aren't loosing pay by donating!).

However another Italian study showed hypothetical rewards such as a direct cash or a voucher to the same value could stop a small percentage of donors donating ( 3.5% would stop if a voucher was issued and 13% is cash was given). I feel these results show that most donors are not deterred by material rewards and hopefully the gain would be more if rewards such as vouchers were given. Comment below on how would you would respond?

 Medals could also be used as a non economic but rather social reward with some donors receiving medals in public. This award is much more effective than cash/voucher awards suggesting that social image is more important in motivating potential donors. Personally this would have no effect on my frequency of donating but how do you feel?

US studies show that any promotions can increase the number of donors by 15-20%. supporting the theory that economic incentives do increase the amount of people willing to give blood.

I can't wait to give blood and I hope I have managed to persuade some of you to donate too. Please comment below on what you views are on rewarding donors and what would put you off or encourage you to donate!

Go on to if you live in the UK to find out information and where your local center is!


I would like to give credit to my economic review magazine for the data I have quoted in this post but I can assure you that the post is still in my own opinion and nothing was directly copied from the article by Nicola Lacetera and Mario Macis.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Random Money facts

I have been very busy latley and am sorry to all readers for neglecting my blog! New posts are in the process of completion so in the mean time enjoy these 5 random money facts I have collected for you!
UK public sector net debt in december 2011 was £1,004 billion (64% of the UK's GDP(gross domestic product) ) 

It is thought by scholars that the first stamped coins were minted around 650–600 BC.

The magnetic strip on a credit card is good for only about three or four years of swiping.

The U.S. national debt increases by approximately $75 million each hour.

5% of lottery ticket buyers buy 51% of all tickets sold.
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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Versatile Blog Award! ARE YOU NOMINATED TOO?

I can't believe I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the amazing pinkishbeauty11. I have never been nominated for anything like this before as Ive only been blogging a couple of months so my Jaw dropped when I saw her post! Thank you so much to pinkishbeauty11! I hope this post will help you find some other great bloggers I love! I have listed some of the best blogs I could remember and I know a few are very well established ones and may not have any interest in this little award but ohh well.. :). Also you many have noticed that a lot are beauty bloggers and I have not included any business bloggers.. well that's because I don't know any! I really want to find the business, and economics and finance etc community so if you have a blog like mind or know of one PLEASE link it below!

Accepting this award comes with a few rules 

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. (I only did 12)
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

So here are the bloggers I nominated:
  1. makeupsavvy
  2. ifcurvescouldtalk
  3. missstilley
  4. annasaccone
  5. schoee
  6. sprinkleofglitter
  7. southerncurlsandpearls
  8. confessionsofasecretshopper
  9. fashionmeetsfood
  10. livinglifelakeside
  11. laughliveandshop
  12. fitomlinson
 Random Facts:
  1. I have the same initials as my mum
  2. I love painting my nails and doing nail art
  3. I love animals
  4. I have the same birthday as my sister who is 2 years my junior
  5. Lord Alan Sugar is an inspiration to me and his autobiography is an amazing book
  6. I go to an all girls school
  7. I am going to India this summer
Thanks again for nominating me Pinkishbeauty11! and again please comment below if you have an interest in business and money and economics! :D X Libby 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Work a blogger?

I wrote this post last summer when I did some work experience at a local business and I thought even though it is a little bit of some old news it is still relevant so I will repost it here...

'My school signed me up to do some work experience at a company called Splash Spas. I've have been there two days already and am going for one more day tomorrow. I have learned a lot about running a business and it is nice, as a teenager who doesn't have a lot of experience , to learn about what goes on in managing a small business!
Anyways.. I was asked to write some information on their blog today as the staff are way to busy to ever update it! You can check out the posts here! I wrote the posts titled 'Hot Tub Helps Toddler' and 'Hot Tub it in the winter' and 'easy Crane'. I am aware the posts are not the best written but I am not the most confident writer on topics which to be honest I dont know a lot about! and I had my work cut out trying to make it seem as though I know what I'm taking about when writting about using cranes to lift hot tubs!' (Written for my old blog in summer)

During my time there I learnt about website design, distribution, supplier contacting, customer support, stock management and many other things.. including the lenght of a real working day!

Does anyone else have any experience in any businesses? Whats your experience on work experience? haha let me know if you have read the posts if your a hot tub lover!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

£200 for a mornings work!?

I have mentioned this before but for anyone who is not aware, I am currently doing heavy fundraising for a charity called HCPT - or the handicapped children pilgrimage trust (click to website link). I have already raised a lot of money for this charity and I will hopefully be accompanying the charity and many children during my Easter holidays to Lourdes for a week to spend time caring and enriching the lives of the people there. Please have a look on the website if you are in the UK and would be interesting in joining the organisation next year on the annual pilgrimage! You can join whether you are religious or not even though it is catholic charity! I did!

Anyway.... I managed to organise and hold a coffee morning and invited my mums local friends over for hot drinks and cake. It was even more of a success than I had hoped and I raised £200 by donations!! with some people who could not make it offering to donate next time I see them anyway! And the cost for the coffee morning was only just over £10 which my mum kindly paid for as her contribution.

My fundraising profits!!! :D
I chatted to each of my mums friends and ensured they knew what they were giving their money to and told them about the charity. If you are thinking of doing a coffee morning or event similar which will rely on donations this is a must, as the people do not want to feel you mum or someone else is doing all the work and talking for you! Emphasise the effort you put in for the preparation and baking etc involved and show you know what the charity is about and the good it does! SELL THE CHARITY!

 I was frantically baking all Monday for it. I made a batch of white chocolate chip brownies, which all went so sorry I forgot to photograph them! A Victoria sponge cake, which so many people said it was one of the best cakes they had ever tasted! And finally I made a batch of flapjacks!
This is the only food that was left plus a handful of biscuits! SUCCESS!

As pictured below, I had this money box on the table with a post-it saying 'any donations are greatly appritiated'. This is a good technique to use as it reminds them to donate and also 100000x better than not having one and people awkwardly handing you the money or leaving it on the side! Also this money box ensured that people didn't have to worry about others seeing what they put in and feeling bad for only donating a small amount, I would rather people felt happy about the morning and be looking forward to another!

My collection pot!
 If anyone has any other fundraising ideas defiantly let me know! And if you have ever done any fundraising events comment too! Please feel free to ask any questions on my fundraising in general or the coffee morning if you were thinking of holding a similar event yourself! I hope this post has inspired some of you to do a mornings work and help a good cause!

XO Love Libs! XO

Monday, 6 February 2012

Paris conference! Where I have been...

For the last few days I have been away in Paris, France, with my School and class mates!
So much happened on this trip and we were so busy! we only got 5-6 hours sleep a night and left the hotel at 7:30 every morning! although I am exhausted I would not have changed a thing! We did the usual sights, like the Eiffel tour but were not able to go to the top as it was too cold! sorry I have forgotten to mention how cold the trip was! with lows of -12 degrees centigrade! and we saw Van Gogh, Monet, Di Vince art wort too. But the reason for the trip and the best part was going to a conference on the Saturday where we had talks from Evan Davis, Jo  Fairley (co-founder of the chocolate Green and Blacks!) and a few MPs, a news reader and a few talks about the opportunities for EU members! I will be posting in detail about the content of the talks in the next week! I do not want to overwhelm everyone by stuffing in all in this one! There is a lot of economics, politics and business related information to explain, all very interesting.. at least it was to me!

I only have a few photos because my camera ran out of battery!  but I will copy some from friends and update this post soon with more of myself on the trip! I just didn't want anyone to think I have abandoned my blog!

My friends outside in the cold by the Eiffel Tour

 View from top of the Eiffel Tour

The Mona Lisa!!

Anyone been to Paris? what did you think of the beautiful city?
Thanks for reading! comment and follow! LIBBY LOVES YOU! X

Monday, 30 January 2012

Cost vs Oppotunity Cost! Dinner becomes expensive! (and ppf curve)

The cost of anything is what you pay for it whether the unit you are paying in money of a certain currency, in time or in trade/other mediums. For example the total cost of me going out to dinner with my friends would total around £20 (transport, food and drink costs).

The opportunity cost, is the next best alternative sacrificed or given up, which at the time of my invitation to dinner was only the evening time at home. Which I wouldn't have minded giving up because an evening out would trumps the stay in evening every time! However after arranging to go out I was asked by a neighbour to babysit the same evening. I politely declined as I did not want to let my friends down, but after deep consideration I phoned the neighbours back and said I was able to babysit. 

This was because going to the dinner before being offered the babysitting would have cost me, as mentioned, the straight cost of £20. Once offered the babysitting the cost for my evening out had more than doubled to around £50. The new opportunity cost of the dinner would now be the babysitting I declined and the payment I would have received (£30). This new offer would now mean that the cost of the dinner was much higher than before, ie the cost of the forgone £30 babysitting money and the £20 straight cost of the food and transport. So I apologised (a lot) and took the babysitting (after all I need every penny I can get as I am heavily fundraising for my school trip to India this summer and for a charity close to my heart called HCPT, to help handicapped children). I am very comfortable with this decision and my friends understand 100%!

PPF curve to help illustrate the opportunity cost as a topic

Sorry but this was the best photo I could get to illustrate the opportunity cost. This diagram is called a ppf curve or production possibility frontier. It shows by the blue line the maximum production  possibility for both goods. To change productivity from A to B there is a gain of 10 in the quantity of butter produced while only a 5 loss for the production of guns (so random I really couldn't find anything else!) and then when moving from C to D to gain 10 units of butter  there is a loss of 50 units of guns. Basically in this diagram it shows that in order to gain 10 units of butter different amounts of units of guns is needed to be forgone . The amount of guns that are needed to be given up to raise quantity of butter is the opportunity cost!

PHEW! please follow and spread the word about my blog to anyone and comment below if you have a blog of your own! whatever the content you blog about is! My aim is to gain all peoples interest in economics and understanding financial management! THANKS FOR READING! FOLLOW! AND COMMENT! <£ <3 xo Libby xo

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Yesterday 2 friends and I decided to have a little fun and between us bought 3 lotto scratch cards (1 each) and agreed to split all winnings. We excitedly rubbed away on our cards... and it turns out that my card was a winner! Winning us £10!! we were overjoyed and split our winnings equally and were very happy to have gained £1.33 ;)

The loosing card I got to keep :(

...then one friend got greedy. I thought we should quit while we were ahead but the other two decided to have one more go! and of course I didn't want to miss out if they did happen to win big! ahah so i played.. only to find we lost it all! so after all of that we are all now 67p down! Ohh well I was worth a shot!

The point I am making with this post is that the lotto is usually just a gambol but as all business or money making ventures should be to me this was a calculated risk. There is approximately a one in 4.5 chance of becoming a winner of any amount and with 3 cards between us we had a 3 out of 4.5 chance of winning! This is obviously a risk with a higher probability of being a positive outcome (although winnings must be above £6 as of the 3 way split). And it turned out to be a good risk! however I didn't see this at the time but agreeing to take the second bash at big money was a bad probability as we would now have odds of 6 to 9 (2 to 3) and having already one the chances of us winning a second time was now 1 in 3! a much higher risk! and obviously we did not win again! so play smart and don't be tempted when the risk is not a calculated one!!

Anyone else had more luck with these?! xx libby xx