Sunday, 8 April 2012

MOTIVATION! The Key to Success! and Easter and lent Update!

WOW! Easter Sunday already! Time really does fly by nowadays! I hope you all have a good day and are able to treat yourself to all those things that you gave up during lent! Below are some things I got up to this easter weekend! :D

Easter tree!
Shredded wheat and chocolate nest cakes!

I decided to give up biscuits and I am very proud to say that I stuck to it completely! This is the first year which I have actually gone all 47 days (yes I know lent is 40 days but if you count it on a calendar it actually is 47! How cheeky that it doesn't count Sundays!!) haha! I found the first week really hard and I was craving buscuits sooo much! Even though I can easily go days without them and not think about it once you are not allowed it, it becomes all you want! 

As mentioned a million times I am heading off on my trip today with the charity HCPT and so I have got a couple of packets of oreos and some finger biscuits to enjoy and share while I am there. These are my 2 favourite biscuits and although tbh I probably wouldn't have had these during the 47 days as they are more 'luxury' biscuits I am very excited to taste buscuits once again!

Has anyone else stuck to their lent challenge? If so well done to you and I hope this proves that you can do anything you set your mind to! I know I've learnt this, even just setting small, achievable goals you can really boost your confidence and self belief!

This same idea can be applied to your fitness, business or even social goals, anything in fact! The key to success is self belief! 

Tarah! Cheerio! LOVE LIBS! See you in a week! 

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