Tuesday, 14 February 2012

£200 for a mornings work!?

I have mentioned this before but for anyone who is not aware, I am currently doing heavy fundraising for a charity called HCPT - or the handicapped children pilgrimage trust (click to website link). I have already raised a lot of money for this charity and I will hopefully be accompanying the charity and many children during my Easter holidays to Lourdes for a week to spend time caring and enriching the lives of the people there. Please have a look on the website if you are in the UK and would be interesting in joining the organisation next year on the annual pilgrimage! You can join whether you are religious or not even though it is catholic charity! I did!

Anyway.... I managed to organise and hold a coffee morning and invited my mums local friends over for hot drinks and cake. It was even more of a success than I had hoped and I raised £200 by donations!! with some people who could not make it offering to donate next time I see them anyway! And the cost for the coffee morning was only just over £10 which my mum kindly paid for as her contribution.

My fundraising profits!!! :D
I chatted to each of my mums friends and ensured they knew what they were giving their money to and told them about the charity. If you are thinking of doing a coffee morning or event similar which will rely on donations this is a must, as the people do not want to feel you mum or someone else is doing all the work and talking for you! Emphasise the effort you put in for the preparation and baking etc involved and show you know what the charity is about and the good it does! SELL THE CHARITY!

 I was frantically baking all Monday for it. I made a batch of white chocolate chip brownies, which all went so sorry I forgot to photograph them! A Victoria sponge cake, which so many people said it was one of the best cakes they had ever tasted! And finally I made a batch of flapjacks!
This is the only food that was left plus a handful of biscuits! SUCCESS!

As pictured below, I had this money box on the table with a post-it saying 'any donations are greatly appritiated'. This is a good technique to use as it reminds them to donate and also 100000x better than not having one and people awkwardly handing you the money or leaving it on the side! Also this money box ensured that people didn't have to worry about others seeing what they put in and feeling bad for only donating a small amount, I would rather people felt happy about the morning and be looking forward to another!

My collection pot!
 If anyone has any other fundraising ideas defiantly let me know! And if you have ever done any fundraising events comment too! Please feel free to ask any questions on my fundraising in general or the coffee morning if you were thinking of holding a similar event yourself! I hope this post has inspired some of you to do a mornings work and help a good cause!

XO Love Libs! XO


  1. I would do something like this just as an excuse to bake loads of yummy things! Your cake looks really good from what's left of it! :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment, definitely following you back now :) xxx

    1. haha! yeah the baking was really fun and it showed people i was putting in a lot more effort than just buying a cake! and thank you for everthing! <3 xx