Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Welcome to my blog..

When starting a piece of writing I often have a hard time knowing where to begin and blogging is no exception, and that may be why I have put off starting this ECONOMIC / BUSINESS BLOG for so long, but I guess it is not as hard as made it out to be (look I've already written 3 lines!).

One of the things I guess, I should address, first up, on this blog is my target audience; I have been thinking about this for awhile and I have come to the conclusion that this blog will be best suited for young, enterprising individuals (young refering to your understanding of business/economics NOT just age!)  mainly because being a person of this category I feel that the language in this blog may not be of a high enough standard for 'proffesional' economists but will help learning and aspiring entrepreneurs.
When I was google searching for some economic/business blogs I felt many were written by university lecturers or people of a much higher economic understanding than myself, so I hope to enter, or start a new economic/business blogging community for young people with a drive for making money and understanding the economy! And please if you are a lecturer/teacher etc I would love the constructive criticism and any advice you can offer on making my posts economically correct and to a high standard!


Please comment below if you write or know any good economic/business/money blogs! thanks for reading please follow me and make my day! <3 £>

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