Thursday, 16 February 2012

Work a blogger?

I wrote this post last summer when I did some work experience at a local business and I thought even though it is a little bit of some old news it is still relevant so I will repost it here...

'My school signed me up to do some work experience at a company called Splash Spas. I've have been there two days already and am going for one more day tomorrow. I have learned a lot about running a business and it is nice, as a teenager who doesn't have a lot of experience , to learn about what goes on in managing a small business!
Anyways.. I was asked to write some information on their blog today as the staff are way to busy to ever update it! You can check out the posts here! I wrote the posts titled 'Hot Tub Helps Toddler' and 'Hot Tub it in the winter' and 'easy Crane'. I am aware the posts are not the best written but I am not the most confident writer on topics which to be honest I dont know a lot about! and I had my work cut out trying to make it seem as though I know what I'm taking about when writting about using cranes to lift hot tubs!' (Written for my old blog in summer)

During my time there I learnt about website design, distribution, supplier contacting, customer support, stock management and many other things.. including the lenght of a real working day!

Does anyone else have any experience in any businesses? Whats your experience on work experience? haha let me know if you have read the posts if your a hot tub lover!

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